SIRIO GROUP is the Italian company at the forefront in solutions for paving making, stamped plaster and imprinted and non-imprinted coatings.
We anticipate trends and design by developing techniques and innovative cement application systems. We use different combination of materials with resins, metals and micro cements that are able to create unique floorings and coatings, ideal for public areas and private living spaces.

The reliability and quality of our products that are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 from our Spanish partner, the multinational PUMA GROUP, a constant research and testing of innovative solutions, the commitment to training, a capillary distribution network and a fast, efficient and professional service. This is the SIRIO GROUP added value.

The company was founded in 2007, and today SIRIO GROUP is a flexible and open-minded company with a forward-looking approach and presence on the Italian and International market. We offer a wide range of products to make stamped floors and stamped plaster, exposed aggregate paving, decorative acid stained floors, decorative draining paving for gardens and parks, decorative self-levelling floorings and industrial floors. Additionally, we have a product line of microcement for vertical, horizontal and furnishing coatings.

The headquarters of SIRIO GROUP are in Senigallia, in the province of Ancona in the Marche region. This is a good central location to reach all the distribution clients spread out over the national and European territory. The proximity to the Port of Ancona makes also easier the logistics for the transportation towards the Balkans and the intercontinental shipments.


To provide our customers with quality, service, innovation, growth and development.


To be a market leader in the cement product field for:
  • > quality of materials
  • > solutions and application techniques
  • > a capillary distribution network
  • > ability to generate business, innovation
  • > attention for developing human resources


Architects, Designers, Developers, Paver installers, Floor layers, Construction and renovation companies.


Enthusiasm and customer relationship are the main pillars of SIRIO GROUP.
The company, in fact focuses on human relationships and the management of each aspect of the business with the primary goal of bringing the maximum attention to the customers and shouldering their problems.

A dynamic and close-knit team, assisted by agents and technical sales people provides timely support to the developers and applicators' requirements, from advice to assistance on the building site.

The organization of the network system has been designed to provide a fast response: directly from our warehouse or a Sirio Store®, spread out in Italy and abroad, the paver installer or floor layer is able to find immediately the solutions needed without having to wait for deliveries or placing orders.