The natural freshness of gravel combined with the practicality of concrete. Using solutions with WASHED GRAVEL makes it possible to create classic floors in a typical Italian style with exposed aggregates.

Depending on the thickness of the work involved, it is possible to choose both the type of exposed aggregates, and the background color of the flooring.

To obtain a floor that has a more natural appearance you can choose to use exposed aggregates from local sources. The possibility of creating shapes, color effects or special finishes is important to achieve an exclusive and customized look.

Exposed Aggregate Floors System Components

  1. Clean and resistant substrate
  2. Primer Texturefix 120
  3. Coating with colored mortar PAVILANDĀ® PLUS (in thickness of 1-3 cm) with the addition of exposed aggregates and then, the levelling and smoothing of the surface
  4. Application of the Deactivator Sirio Group
  5. Surface washing after 12-24 hours with a high pressure water jet machine
  6. Sealing