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Stamped plaster


Stamped plaster is an exclusive, beautiful and ultra-strong coating suitable for both, indoor and outdoor applications, renovations or new buildings allowing us to create high-impact coatings.

Stamped plaster is a system obtained by using Morcem Texture, a specific mortar for the realization of internal and external coatings. You can apply it manually or by pump, directly on brick surfaces, concrete, stones, plaster and polystyrene, provided that surfaces are solid and free of impurities and adequately prepared.

It needs to be applied in the required thickness (from 1 to 3 cm thick) and then using the Clear Liquid Releasing Agent, the surface can be imprinted with the specific professional tools. The day after it will be possible to add the final touches to custom the surface.

The use of Texture Colors, make it possible to colour the surface. Colouring is a very important step in order to obtain shades, combinations, antique effects, and any kind of customization.
For outdoor applications, exposed to bad weather, we recommend protecting the area with Water Based Mono-component Acrylic Resin A series, available in matt, semi-gloss and gloss finishes.
Morcem Texture is also suitable for the creation of artificial rocks and other furnishings or spectacular effects.


Stamped plaster Sirio Group is the ideal solution for enhancing a wall, a facade or a detail both indoors and outdoors. Applicable on brick, concrete, stone or plaster surfaces, it allows you to obtain what exactly you wish to reproduce in shape and colour. Imagination is the only limit.

Sirio / Stamped Plaster

Stamped Plaster System Components


Sirio Group - Low thickness stamped floors

Low thickness stamped floors

Low thickness stamped floors are made with PAVILAND® PLUS, a colored mortar that allows making floors of barely 5 to 20 mm thick with a high abrasion resistance.
Sirio Group - rubber floorings

rubber floorings

The mixture of rubber crumbs with special compacting resins is an excellent solution for the implementation and decoration of continuous and flexible floorings providing a safe environment for children in playgrounds or any area where there is a risk of falling, as it is a shock resistant surface.
Sirio Group - decorative aggregates solutions

decorative aggregates solutions

The mixing of high-value decorative aggregates with particular compacting resins provide a great solution for decorating and design dry and wet outdoor gardens as well as for indoor use.