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Acid treatment is one the most commonly used solutions to tailor concrete surfaces such as industrial floors, stamped floors, self-levelling paving, nuvolato flooring, etc.

ACIDECOR Sirio Group is an innovative product that chemically alters the colour of concrete surfaces.

It is available in different colors. We apply evenly across the surface specific acids based on metallic salts, which penetrate the concrete surface and chemically alter its color to produce a translucent and variegated effect.
The color intensity and uniformity of the finish depends on the chemical reaction, the surface cleaning, the reaction time and the amount of product used.
The result it will be irregular with unique chromatic effects that are exceptional for each surface, with translucent effects very similar to marble or other natural stone shades, or with an aged look enhanced by a vintage worn appearance.
This is a flooring system applicable to both internal and external areas and that adapts to almost every context: public or private areas, residential or commercial spaces.
The long lasting durability and resistance that this type of finish flooring offers and the exclusivity and uniqueness of each work make the acid stained flooring increasingly popular for architects and designers.


The treatment with Concrete Color is a solution that allows you to obtain more uniform colourings or have a more even tone compared to acids but it still gives space for creativity and customization.

CONCRETE COLOR Sirio Group is a product used to colour in a uniform and permanent way any concrete surface.
It is available in different colours and suitable for the creation of unique and original effects on any cementitious surfaces. In addition, it colours immediately by pressure impregnation reducing considerably the time of application. The spray application with a low-pressure pump allows you to obtain the selected coloring tone. The final look depends on the quality of the surface and the quantity of product.


Sirio Group - Nuvolato flooring

Nuvolato flooring

Nuvolato flooring is a decorative solution with high aesthetic value that takes into account the modern needs of contemporary architecture but it also adapts to contexts that are more traditional. At the same time, it is both highly resistant and practical.
Sirio Group - Microcement


Modern decorative solution made from a blend of cements, aggregates, specific additives and highly resistant coloured pigments. The multiple finishings and colours make this decorative solution contemporary, versatile and adaptable to any need in interior design.
Sirio Group - rubber floorings

rubber floorings

The mixture of rubber crumbs with special compacting resins is an excellent solution for the implementation and decoration of continuous and flexible floorings providing a safe environment for children in playgrounds or any area where there is a risk of falling, as it is a shock resistant surface.