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The mixture of rubber crumbs with special compacting resins is an excellent solution for the implementation and decoration of continuous and flexible floorings providing a safe environment for children in playgrounds or any area where there is a risk of falling, as it is a shock resistant surface.
Compared to traditional rubber tiles, this type of flooring offers a better decorative solution and it is maintenance cost saving.


  • Children's playgrounds
  • Recreational areas
  • Planting or tree pits and surrounds
  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Sports surface


They are polyurethane bound resins for compacting and protecting the rubber crumbs and allowing the drainage of surface water.

Paviland® Aromatic Resin: the product turns into a light yellow colour over time. This is a perfect solution for light and dark colours with shades of yellow.

Paviland® Aliphatic Resin: the product does not turn yellow over time. This product is suitable for light colours but also dark colours where yellowing may result in a tonality change.

Rubber Floors System Components

  1. Clean and compacted substrate
  2. Apply a 3 cm. thick layer of Paviland® Caucho (Black) mixed with Paviland® Aromatic Resin
  3. Apply a 1 cm. thick layer of Paviland® Caucho (Coloured) mixed with Paviland® Aromatic Resin or Paviland® Aromatic Aliphatic


Sirio Group - Nuvolato flooring

Nuvolato flooring

Nuvolato flooring is a decorative solution with high aesthetic value that takes into account the modern needs of contemporary architecture but it also adapts to contexts that are more traditional. At the same time, it is both highly resistant and practical.
Sirio Group - Low thickness stamped floors

Low thickness stamped floors

Low thickness stamped floors are made with PAVILAND® PLUS, a colored mortar that allows making floors of barely 5 to 20 mm thick with a high abrasion resistance.
Sirio Group - Industrial flooring

Industrial flooring

Industrial flooring is suitable for surfaces subject to constant or heavy traffic, bad weather conditions, extreme temperature changes and frequent freeze-thaw cycles, which require specific mechanical resistance.