Industrial flooring is suitable for surfaces subject to constant or heavy traffic, bad weather conditions, extreme temperature changes and frequent freeze-thaw cycles, which require specific mechanical resistance.

Concrete and its components are of fundamental importance.

Using the technique "fresh on fresh" we apply the Premixed Industrial Sirio Group or alternatively Corindone depending on the project requirements.

The Premixed Industrial Sirio Group, like other products, is already coloured and available in different colours.

In addition, concrete should be mixed with Sirio Group Polypropylene Fibers and the surface must be protected with Resins or Silicates depending on the final intended used of the flooring.

Industrial Flooring System Components

  1. Compacted substrate
  2. Layer of fresh concrete with the addition of polypropylene fibers
  3. Sprinkle Premixed Industrial Quartz Sirio Group
  4. Surface finishing using Resin or other finishing treatments