Nuvolato flooring is a decorative solution with high aesthetic value that takes into account the modern needs of contemporary architecture but it also adapts to contexts that are more traditional. At the same time, it is both highly resistant and practical.

It is a type of monolithic flooring, made in concrete treated with Premixed Industrial Sirio Group (available in various colors) and reinforced with Polypropylene Fibers and welded mesh. The flooring uses a technique called "fresh-on-fresh" and varies in thickness depending on the traffic the floor is about to experience.

The work performed creates a nuance, soft and uneven effect, so-called "Nuvolato" or cloudy effect. At the end, it will be necessary to make the previously designed expansion joints.

Nuvolato flooring, thanks to its excellent heat conductivity, can also be laid over underfloor heating systems, which make the surfaces nice to walk around barefoot.

Always protect the flooring with a surface treatment in order to make it breathable, water and oil repellent and dust-proof. According to the intended use of the surface, choose the specific product in the Sirio Group catalogue.

Cloudy effects flooring enhances the concrete surfaces with beautiful chromatic notes and natural effects. It is a system applicable to new or existing floors, both indoor and outdoor flooring, in public or private spaces.
The colours, treatments and processing techniques contribute to create beautiful, elegant, continuous, contemporary and creative floorings, which are usually very appreciated by architects and designers.

Nuvolato Flooring System Components

  1. Compacted substrate
  2. Layer of fresh concrete with polypropylene fibers
  3. Premixed Industrial Sirio Group
  4. Hand smoothed or with a helicopter
  5. Sealant